AR/ VR Workshop NMREC Hyderabad



” Why shouldn’t people be able to teleport wherever they want.”- Palmer Luckey ( Founder of Oculus VR ).
This is what exactly happened at the Augmented reality and the Virtual reality of Edurdige’s first workshop. We were able to make them aware of the new technologies and transfer them to a different world, virtually, of course!

It all started on the 9th of August at the Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College at Hyderabad. We were all exuberant to help the students learn in depth about how AR and VR works, what are its uses, what is the future of it, which companies use these technologies and how the students can be benefited from the same.

Ms Neha Tiwari has trained the students. She has worked in top companies like HCL and Google. She is also an Android Studio Expertise and has an hands-on experience on AR and VR. The session started by discussing a case study about the world’s ultimate VR park in Dubai. Students got an insight and a clear picture as to how the top leading Emaar Entertainment uses innovative and exhilarating location-based experiences – including BroadcastAR a large screen experience developed by INDE.

. To take this further and have a more interactive session, the Managing Director of ArchiMaze spoke about how the top leading organisations and industries of the world are currently looking for AR and VR experts in various platforms or career opportunities like specialists, consultants, programmers, software developers, system analyst etc.

Next, we went on to do an interesting case study on how the top leading business organisations of the world are using these technologies in their marketing strategies and expanding their virtual boundaries by connecting it to the users of the real world. Brands like McDonalds, Coke, Top Shop, IKEA etc have used

The overall experience for the students and Eduridge was truly incredible. As stated earlier, our main mission of the company is to provide quality education and enrich and impart diligent knowledge in the most ideal and efficient way. This workshop proved to be truly satisfying and we wish to move forward in the same area to create a superlative impact on many such innovative thinkers in the future.



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