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The Future of AR and VR is prodigious. We live in the era of innovation. Time changes people and people change the way of living. And, Technology is the greatest change and quite evidently caused a huge impact on our lives. And along with the greatest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics etc. Augmented and Virtual Reality has started to become a boom in every industry possible. There are numerous opportunities and fields where the presence and importance of AR and VR have started to sweep right in.
Let’s talk about it, the reality is something known but to live in a virtual world, to make your own rules, to work there, to transcend to a completely alternate reality and bring about a dynamic and create a superlative impact for the future is no longer a far-fetched dream.
AR and VR is no longer just a concept limited to the illusion or fictional world.
What started mainly as a technology for gaming companies is spreading into software, wearable, education, healthcare, retail, the military and elsewhere. Virtual and augmented reality have come into their own and are responsible for some of the most fascinating advancements in modern technology.

Well, this quite evidently proves that there are a lot of job requirements and career advancements with the top companies of the world looking for software designers,3D artists, as well as design architects and engineers and also the future in this industry is only going to be tremendously and prodigiously growing with the current vision and the future demand. According to Statista, market size was around $6.1 billion in 2016 but is expected to reach $215 billion by 2021. Although companies have spent several years developing and refining this technology, demand for skilled professionals is experiencing a major uptick as more and more technologies make it out of R&D and enter the marketplace.

The industries that are emerging in this domain are :
 Entertainment
 Automotive
 Advertising
 Education
 Tourism
 Space
 Skilled trades
 Military and law enforcement
 Architecture
 Retail
 Aerospace
 Manufacturing
 Finance
 Films
 Gaming
And many more, The possibilities are truly endless. And as quoted by Tessa Wegert, ( New York Life Technology ) “With so many companies experimenting with this technology, it won’t be long before virtual reality is a reality in jobs of all kinds. So strap on your headset. Your career is in for a wild ride. ”