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MERAKI – Meaning: Do something with your soul, creativity or love.
The idea of Meraki is to bring in the idea of  new technologies that are at demand in the current market in reach to students and also the demonstrations on how to make good career choices based on personal strengths, values, strengths and abilities. Workshops will be conducted in different schools to introduce the students to the world of study and world of work.
One of the major issues we are facing at the moment is the disillusionment of career path which is mainly due to lack of knowledge and exposure faced by the young students. As a result of which, they are being thrust into a unified direction which may or may not resonate with who they are what they really want from their work. Meraki, upon conducting the events and workshops brings to light the diverse career options that are available for students to choose from. In these workshops, the students are exposed to diversity that is available in terms of careers and the best possible ways in which they can effectively put their abilities to use.
  • Approaching schools
  • Conducting workshops
  • Building student community
  • Meraki festivals
  • Connecting schools

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1 – Day Workshop at St.Michael’s School , Alwal.



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